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Ericson Yachts started from the association of Leif Ericson and was chosen by Ray Handy assisted by Jules Marshall, Kurt Densmore and Bruce King who all defected from Colombia Yachts in the early 60's and decided to start their own company. After a few years, Ericson went into chapter 11 receivership, and was bought by Mark
Pittman. Ericson was then bought and sold by Del Walton, Pacific Commercial
Industries, Charlie Layton, CML, and finally Gene Kohlman. After the recession in the late eighties took its toll, the plant closed and Pacific Seacraft bought tooling for the E38 and E34, E32-3 and the Ericson name. Then in 1998 Pacific Seacraft was bought by Jeffrey
Emery. Rummors have been going around that the tooling for the E38, E34, and E32-3 have been destroyed. Rummors have also been going around that Bruce King has been hired to design a new fleet of Ericsons. And that's it to this point... the more I hear, the more I'll add